What Can K Consulting Do For You?

Strategic counsel
• Keeps clients current on the latest food and nutrition science/policies
• Develops marketing campaigns based on clients’ business objectives
• Advises clients on communication outreach strategies

Issues management
• Tracks health and nutrition trends impacting the client
• Serves as expert witness and prepares written testimonies to federal and state legislative hearings
• Assists in the develop of public policy initiatives that are based on sound science

Partnership development
• Builds relationships with key policy makers and regulatory officials
• Engages with influential health leaders, who drive policy decisions

Communications outreach
• Creates communication strategies or education initiatives
• Develops messages for target audiences
• Represents clients with on-camera interviews
• Conducts staff training for media interviews and presentations

Cru62 Tours
• Assess your group’s needs for a wine event or tour.
• Plans and organizes tours to Virginia’s wine country.