Kamen Estate Wines (Sonoma, CA)

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Kamen Estate Wines are the equivalent of slipping into the finest silk stockings (sorry guys, use your imagination) or feeling the most luxurious cashmere against your skin. Yes, these wines are sexy, sleek and luxurious and need I say, memorable. The road to creating these sought-after wines was long and winding for Robert Mark Kamen–from Afghanistan to New York and ultimately California where Kamen began a long-standing career in movies and simultaneously discovered his passion for wine. Robert Kamen is an American screenwriter best known for the Karate Kid, Transporter and Taken series of shows/films. While in Sonoma celebrating the sale of his first screenplay, Kamen stumbled upon a breathtaking 280-acre hillside property for sale. After many negotiations and setbacks he acquired the land in the early 1980s and has never wavered in his commitment to cultivating and creating what is known as Kamen Estate to this day.

My visit to Kamen started in San Francisco where my hotel concierge touted the quality of Kamen wines; my decision was made and the GPS was set.  Upon arrival, I ventured into the tasting room where I was warmly greeted by a Sonoma native named Juliette, one of Kamen’s hospitality ambassadors and wine experts.  In an instant, I knew I could relax and talk freely about wine as I do with those in the trade. What was to be a quick visit turned into a far longer experience as the wine was unforgettable and the company a breath of fresh but knowledgeable air.  

Ripe fruit, low yields and high quality are the cornerstones of the Kamen wine-making philosophy as evidenced by raising a glass to your nose and taking in the aromas of Writer’s Block, a proprietary blend of Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon and Petite Sirah. Kamen wines express beautiful ripe fruit perfectly balanced by notes of crushed or volcanic rock. These flavors complement each other in the most integrated and mouth-watering way.  A true test of a great wine is one that you want to keep drinking; one that will not tire your palate.  I found that quality in all of Kamen’s wines, which justify a higher than average price.  Collectors take note!

Not only does Kamen excel in growing the finest grapes for their wines they also tend to a few acres of organic gardens which produce vegetables to share with family and friends. If you are a person that thinks carefully about pairing your wines with food then look no further than grilled vegetables or meats to pair with these bold and luscious offerings. Anything mildly spicy will complement the spice in many of the wines in Kamen’s lineup. Simple meats on the grill would also suffice. These wines will speak for themselves and can be enjoyed all on their own.

Kamen offers guests two options to taste their wines:  one in the modern and sleek tasting room in historic downtown Sonoma and the other in their private mountain vineyard where aficionados can experience a more in depth tour of the property and tasting of the wines. 

These quotes above flanking the tasting bar are evidence of Kamen’s career in film.
Can you guess which quote is from which film?

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