Pasolivo Ranch and Olive Oil Tasting (Paso Robles, CA)


On a recent visit to the Central Coast wine region in Southern California, I made my way to the Pasolivo ranch and market to learn about and taste their products. Pasolivo is situated on 45 acres of  land in Paso Robles which is home to an abundance of olive orchards. These trees are coveted and meticulously maintained to provide the quality of olive oil that a discerning palate will expect.

What makes an olive oil extra-virgin or of high quality? Well, it often comes down to acidity. Extra virgin oils have a lower acidity than other oils and in the US the guideline is less than .5%. The oils must also be extracted without heat or chemicals, must be taken from the first pressing of olives and must pass a taste test lead by a certified panel of expert tasters. At Pasolivo, every batch of their oil is certified every year using these standards.

I took the time to experience a brief tour of the pressing facility and grounds which really helped to solidify in my mind how olives make their way from the tree, to the container and eventually to our tables.

During my visit, I tasted as many of the blended and flavored oils I could manage. A perfect break from tasting wine all day long. I salivated over, special salt offerings, homemade spice blends and various vinegars both flavored, and regular styles. My brain was churning over the many mixtures I could make with all of these taste-enhancing ingredients. Dressings, marinades and spice rubs are all great ways to boost the flavor of your food without adding too many extra calories, fat or sodium. And it couldn’t be easier or save you more time.

Pasolivo has something for the non-foodies in your group too with lotions and skin products that will delight your skin and dazzle your senses.

You don’t have to wait until you can actually visit Pasolive to partake in these goodies. You can join the club and take advantage of a 15% discount on all merchandise either online or in the tasting room. You will also receive two shipments of this special oil twice a year and you can cancel at anytime after the first two shipments. Visit online at  Remember your loved ones when perusing this site! You can’t go wrong with such quality products when in need of unique gifts. They will thank you with every taste.

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