Blenheim Vineyards


Blenheim Vineyards, located 20 minutes southeast of Charlottesville, VA and within a stones throw from Trump Winey, is owned by famed singer-songwriter Dave Matthews. Matthews helped design the tasting room built to have little impact on the environment. The tasting room is nestled into the side of a hill with skylights and windows carefully situated so no electricity is required to light the room during the summer. The tasting room was built with reclaimed wood and is warmed in the winter with solar heating.

This barn-style winery and tasting room are comfortable, casual and even a bit rustic. The tasting room is split in two levels with glass panels in the top level allowing visitors to peer into the wine making operation below.  Blenheim also has an outdoor seating area with views of the surrounding winery landscape.

Blenheim grows seven different varietals of grapes for their wine on three vineyard sites. They source 70% of the grapes on premise and 30% from vineyards in the area. I tasted five of their wines ranging from chardonnay to a Painted Red blend made from 29% cabernet franc, 29% merlot, 21% petit verdot, 18% cabernet sauvignon and 3% mourvedre. A very respectable offering. I especially enjoyed the 2013 Chardonnay with expressions of lime zest, peach and overall citrus aromas. This wine is aged in barrels for five months and in tanks for the remaining time. Blenheim offers snacks for sale such as cheeses, crackers and sausages to pair with any wines you want to drink on the property.

When planning your visit to the Monticello Wine trail, make sure Blenheim Vineyards is one of the stops along the way.

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